01. welcome

IDealCash is Digital Currency
That You Can Spend

You can use IDealCash to make instant, private payments online, and stake your coins for an additional 30% yearly return rate! We want to see DEAL & DEALT become primary methods used to transact value and material goods around the world!



02. Benefits

IDealCash Benefits


IDealCash is security focused and is continually looking for ways to ensure the security of the blockchain.

Very Fast!

Transaction made on the IDealCash network are almost instantaneous requiring only 8 seconds or less to be visible in your wallet!

Low Fees!

Transaction fees on the IDealCash network amount to just 0.0001 DEAL to transfer 10,000,000 DEAL!

30% Stake!

IDealCash holders receive 30% return per year for being an active node on the network. Now anyone can truly create real recurring income!
03. Evolution

Digital Currency Evolution

We are aiming for mass adoption and to achieve this we are creating products that will embed IDealCash into our daily lives. See our current software available.

04. Roadmap


We want our vision to be your vision and we want to ensure that you, the community, are part of the future that IDealCash is destined to bring to this world possible.

IDealCash is created, started building new community on Telegram and Discord channels. Release Whitepaper Version One.
January 2018
Release the Android mobile staking wallet. Release updated desktop wallets. Released Telegram & Discord Tipbots. Reached 2,000 followers on Twitter.
April 2018
Released Version Two of the Whitepaper. Search for new payment processing partners. Begin partnership development of IDeal Marketplace.
July 2018
Announcements of new IDealCash Partners. Reach 5,000 followers on Twitter. Release new wallets, with allowing the use of a mnemonic wallet recovery. Also Updated wallet GUI.
October 2018
Generate additional traction through enhanced public outreach. Begin development for block chain upgrade for DEALT.
January 2019
Full assessment of the market to ensure IDealCash is able to adapt to any changes.
April 2019
05. Network

Growing Worldwide

IDealCash is rapidly gaining popularity among the crypto community.