Fast. Simple. Secure.

Introducing Mobile Staking….


Download Our Mobile Wallet And Stake on The Go!!!

Lightning Fast

Transaction made on the iDealCash network are almost instantaneous requiring only 8 seconds or less to be visible in your wallet

30% Annual Stake

iDealCash holders will receive 30% floating reward per coin per year. So your investment just keeps on growing


iDealCash is security focused and is continually looking at ways to ensure the security of our blockchain and our community.

Low Fees

Transaction fees on the iDealCash network amount to just 0.0001 DEAL to transfer 10,000,000 DEAL.

Community and Vision


What makes iDealCash special is our ever-growing community. Every day, more and more people see what we see in iDealCash and want to play a part in its evolution. They believe in the vision, in our vision, in the vision of all those involved in cryptocurrencies, but with one key difference, they believe iDealCash will be the project that will help realize this vision.


We want DEAL to become the primary coin that the world uses to transact value and material goods.

We are aiming for mass adoption and to achieve this we must create products that embed iDealCash into our daily lives. We are working on technologies that will enable us to enter this space.

We want our vision to be your vision and we want to ensure that you, the community, are part of the future that iDealCash is destined to bring to this world

Help support our project!
The iDealCash Foundation

Our team

Developing since a very young age, Tyler has advanced knowledge in PHP. An individual experienced in the crypto space who has been trading these assets and others for over 10 years. He is the founder of iDealCash and he has great expectations for iDealCash in the future. Tyler is working extensively to get iDealCash listed on more exchanges as well as adding more skillful individuals to the iDealCash Team.
Fedir has over 20 years experience, mastering multiple programming languages capable of implementing disaster recovery modules, C++, HTML, JavaScript, and other programming languages. Fedir has exceptional problem-solving skills and has expert proficiency with Linux and UNIX operating systems.
Chief of Operations
Firat has many years of project and product management experience in the technology sector. He is a marketing guru and has vast experience in computing and some experience in coding in languages such as Java, Python, and Javascript. He is a doer, and he has been a key driving force for iDealCash. He will continue on with marketing efforts and continue to support and provide the community with updates in the future.
William has 17 years of experience in C, CPP, Java, Linux, and Python. William entered the crypto space many years ago and has mined both Bitcoin and DOGE coin. William has also created the DOGE Reddit tip bot from a fork and has been compiling and editing wallets for a number of projects.
S Md
S Md has been coding since 1999 and has experience in assembly, c++, Python, Perl, Java, Pascal, vb. He is also Cisco CCDP, RedHat RHCE, A+, and Network + certified. He generally works as a private consultant on retainer. He has been supporting us in a number of ways, most notably, he has created our Android Mobile Application and will continue to bring more updates in the future.
Nick has supported us by creating our pi desktop wallet guide and compiling the wallet. He is going to continue to support the project in many ways and more details on this and his background to follow very soon.
  • Marketing 50%
  • Website Development 87%
  • Exchanges 55%
  • iOS Mobile App 24%
  • Dev Team Expansion 78%
The future is changing
The Android Wallet
Making DEAL on the move…
It stakes!
The first mobile wallet that supports PoS. Run the app and collect your stakes!
It’s Mobile
Your new mobile wallet, in the palm of your hand. You will now be able to view your balance and make transactions on the go!

Download the app now and see for yourself.

QR code
This wallet supports QR code so you will be able to easily send DEAL to someone by simply scanning their QR code!
This wallet is only the first rollout. There will be updates and new technologies pushed out as we develop new features. We take your feedback seriously and will be ever dedicated to staying up to date with your opinions and ideas.

Please note: After first installing the app, please open your Android settings, click on Apps, then iDealCash, Permissions and enable Storage. This will allow you to install to a custom data directory on your MicroSD card and make wallet.dat backups. Keep in mind this is beta software and will continue to improve. Always backup your wallet to another device like USB drives.

We initially wanted to have this wallet staking in the background, but during testing, we found that too many resources were consumed and as such you will only receive stakes on your phone if you have the application visibly open on the phone. Our developers have now identified a potential new way of staking in the background that does not take up as many resources and we are working hard to bring this to you in the very near future!

Click the link below to download our windows QT wallet. Please ensure you also download the config file and input this file in C:\\users\\(your user name)\\AppData\\Roaming\\idealcash
Click on the link below to download the Linux wallet. If you wish to install this wallet on the Raspberry Pi, Please click on the link below and follow the directions.
Click on the link below to download the MacOs Wallet.
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