Yes. There is 5121951220 total coins. Each block reward is 10,000 coins!

Only 10,000 PoW Blocks can be mined!

Proof-Of-Stake earns %30 a year in ROI, in another word, it will take years to get to maximum supply.

Yes. Encrypted wallet is supported but there is some difference from Bitcoin.

If you use an encrypted wallet you would have to unlock the wallet in order to mint blocks.

We don’t need it, actually. The main purpose is to provide additional protection for the network during the initial growth period and help ensure a smooth transition if a critical vulnerability is found. We are confident that central checkpointing can be gradually weakened and eventually removed at any time!

Users are able to ignore broadcasted checkpointing by using -cppolicy option, if they wish.

Proof-of-stake is a term referring to the use of currency itself (ownership) to achieve certain goals.

With IdealCash Proof-Of-Stake is used to provide minting and transaction processing on a par with Proof-Of-Work.