Getting Started

Get Started

Wallet Setup + Start Staking

Ideal Cash is easy to use! Do everything in 7 steps!

One: Download Wallet + Config File

Two: Install Wallet (Backup+Create Password)>> Locate (IdealCash.conf)

Three: Move (Idealcash.conf) to the hidden folder >> “%APPDATA%\Idealcash\”.

Four: You can now start your IdealCash wallet and let it sync.

Five: To start staking, simply start your wallet.

Six: Your staking is already activated inside the IdealCash.conf file, to stop staking edit the text inside the file to ‘staking=0’

Seven: In order to stake you must have your wallet unlocked and open at all times!

Additional Information:

Known Node Connections Available: addnode=

Can’t get your windows wallet started? 

You can fix this using the following procedure.

1) Right click the wallet (exe) and select “Properties”.
2) Select “Unblock”.
3) You can now start the wallet (exe).

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