All Team

Dealolotl is a lifelong DEAL supporter, he helps operates the community lottery and does extensive work in marketing idealcash. Telegram – @stu4331



Iwan is our main graphics designer, and also a community leader for the Indonesian DEAL community!

Roelandoo is a hardcore DEAL supporter, and team leader! Name: Roelandoo Bio: I have a passion for Sports, Music, Economics and of course Crypto’s. I’m helping IDealCash by supporting the team, being an admin on Telegram and thinking about strategies.

Golden Gorilla is a hard core DEAL supporter and team leader! Telegram – @GoldenGorilla Skills: Bachelor of commerce (Commercial economics, The Hague University) Quality manager (QA, QC, CRM): Expert in product safety & regulation of consumer goods(Global) Working at an importer with an active collection of 20.000 items and turnover of 100 million euro.

The leader of the Indonesian DEAL group! Telegram – @mahakamrafi

CiaoMing is a hardcore DEAL supporter, and also a community moderator! Telegram – @CiaoMing

“My goal is to be a community motivator when the community is down I’ll be the hypeman” – community poker leader Telegram – @Crypto_Poker_King

Thiago helps IDealCash with multiple tasks, consisting of community organization, and team leadership. “I`ll support iDealCash Economy in any way I can. I help by promoting our project, troubleshooting for the community, bringing easier access to information for Portuguese speaking investors, and always with my eyes open for new opportunities. I hope to be able to build and execute a…